Monday, 23 November 2009


Saturday morning we had our primary class over for a party.  After we realized that they were really hard to keep under control (the first week we taught) we told them that we'd have a party at our house if they could earn 50 points, 4 points possible per week.  I love incentives like that.  There were plenty of weeks where 4 points weren't earned, but for the most part it worked pretty well.

While planning what we were going to do at our party they decided that we should have a dance party (it wasn't our suggestion, I promise). And they told us that they wanted a disco ball.  So we got the disco ball, burned a dance party mix and figured that would probably last for about 10 minutes.  Wrong!  They could have danced the whole time, it was so funny.  After about 45-50 minutes Dallin went to get pizza so we could move on from dancing.  It was hilarious to watch.  They even had a competition, and of course the two cute girls that came in matching outfits and had a routine all made up won the contest.

Post Dance Party (notice our little disco ball)

We love teaching primary, mostly because it makes us feel so loved and appreciated.  Almost every week we have someone tell us that we're the best teachers they've ever had.  At our party one little girl asked if we would adopt her.  Dallin has become known as "the bomb diggity" and one little boy is constantly yelling, I LOVE THE KAUFFMANS!  It's not unusual to get a plate of cookies from somebody about every other week.  It's really fun to teach them, even when we're not sure if they get anything out of what we're saying, and it's especially fun to prepare lessons together. Hooray for primary!  I am definitely happy to be singing with the 9 year olds in sharing time again :).


Reags said...

Wish I could have attended that party! After december 17th i won't miss another one!

Marissa Mills said...

How cute, I love teaching. Enoch just was called to be the primary chorister in our ward, every week he gets so nervous, but it so cute to see him trying to learn new primary songs and practicing what activity he wants to play.
PS your house looks so cute, I am so excited to see it come Christmas

Anonymous said...

Meant it.