Friday, 8 January 2010


A few of the highlights of our Christmas Break:

Christmas Eve at Kauffman's with lots of fun little (and big :) people, yummy food and talking to Taylor on Christmas Day.
Sleepover at Murdoch's.  Staying up til 1:30 talking and "rapping" with Lance and McKell.  New pajamas and opening presents. 

Shotgun shooting with the brothers.  It was so freezing cold that the first time I shot I thought the trigger ripped my finger off.  Although not pictured I may, or may not have, won Annie Oakley :)

Hiking to the wishing tree.  Love that place.

Teaching Dallin how to ski. Actually, as you can see, we started out a little smaller with snow blades.  He was awesome and it was so fun to be up there with him and my family. 

Hanging out with people like Marissa (and E-pants).  We got to see lots of friends.  All my roommates and hubbies came over one night and the next night we had a big group of high school buddies over.

Christmas break was wonderful.  We loved celebrating with family, seeing friends again and not worrying about anything but how much fun we were going to have the next day.  Now it's back to the 10 hour a day school grind, but we've done it once so that means we can do it again right?  We really are excited for a new semester, a change in classes and the beginning of our first full year together. :)

p.s. I still haven't taken any Christmas stuff down...guess I should have thought about that before I didn't have any time once again...


Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great break! I guess you get to enjoy Christmas all year long with those decorations up. We wish we could have been with you all on Christmas Eve. Good luck with this busy semester.

Marissa Mills said...

You guys sure made my Christmas wonderful, it looks like you were able to do a lot of cool things. I can't wait to see you again and good luck this semester

Lindsey & Kaleb said...

I am glad you guys had a great break. You two definitely deserve it! Good luck doing the routine again. If you need a break don't forget the Thompsons are right down the street.