Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The "I Love You" Squash

When we had been married for about a month, and I was still painting, Dallin made me lunches to take with me almost everyday.  One day I opened up my bag to find a yellow crookneck squash, with "I Love You" carved into it.  All the ladies I worked with loved it and were convinced that I had the best husband ever (without me even telling them that I did).  Dallin still makes our lunches pretty often when I'm running late in the morning.  The other day I found an acorn squash with the same message carved into it in the bottom of my lunch. I had been super busy that day and didn't even find it until my classes were over at 4:00.  It made me so happy.  I have the best husband ever.  No question.  


Jane Ann Fosson said...

Agreed. You guys are awesome. I love that you make each other lunches. That is so nice! Cute story--thanks for the smile.
PS It was so good to talk to you Whit. We had been long overdue. I love you.

Aubs said...

He is a great guy isn't he! So sweet & thoughtful. How did you not notice it until the end of the day? It is kind of a huge thing to have in your lunch bag. :)
Hope you guys are feeling better. We sure missed you guys at Kylie's b-day party.

Jessica Schaack said...

Whitley! I just found your blog! Fun to read about your life! SUCH A cute story. perma-grin:)

Jessica (perry) Schaack