Friday, 9 April 2010

Last Day

I just finished my last class of my first year.  It does feel nice to be done with classes, but I sure don't feel quite the same relief I've felt in previous years because I've still got 4 crazy finals to go.  Only a few more weeks and I'll really be done :).


Marissa Mills said...

oh Whisky, just hang on... plus you have an attention span at least 9 times that of what any of us roommates ever had. As celebration when you are done you should come to CA and go to Disneyland with me-deal

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Whitlie! I am SO excited for you. It's all downhill from here, right:)? I'm seriously proud of you. You can do anything, I am positive. Good luck, and just remember how stinking amazing you are.

When you do get a chance after finals are over, give me a call. I'm dying to talk to you (although we haven't made any decisions about law schools, yet, so I don't have a ton of news or anything--I just miss you!).

The Bangerter Family said...

Whit, Way to go! I am constantly impressed with how you are able to juggle everything. Hang on, you are almost there! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Whitlie. Great job. You are the cutest lawyer I've ever met. Although my brother in law-lawyer always wears cut off jean or khaki shorts... that's pretty cute too.

Here's the game plan. You read tortes, I write a paper. Tomorrow. By the grand piano. Great. Then let's go to cali like M Star said.