Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Long-Awaited Sleepover

A few weekends ago was the long-awaited Hadlee sleepover.  She turned 5 and figured she was plenty old enough to have a sleepover at Whitlie and Dallin's for her birthday, just like her older sister Shalee had.  I'm so glad that we are such a reward.  It was super fun to have her over and we did lots of fun things like...being doctored, having our hair done, playing ponies, and shopping for a new baby doll (she named him Bumpy...). She wanted to sleep in the cedar chest because she fit just perfectly, I told her she couldn't since I was worried that the lid would fall on her in the middle of the night.  She laid in there for quite a while though and it did look pretty comfy.  
She is such a funny girl and says outrageous things all the time.  I love hanging out with her just so I can hear what she has to say next. It was so fun to have little people at our house.  I hope that me, Hadlee and Shalee will always be best friends.

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McKell Murdoch said...

Whit this is adorable haha... I can't believe she wanted to sleep in the cedar chest.. ha. Love you! can't wait to see you tomorrow!!