Sunday, 27 April 2008

Departure and a Truly Inseparable Trio

The day is finally here! Reags and I are on our way to London. This day has really seemed so far away for so long that it feels a little surreal. Or maybe that’s just the 14 straight hours on a plane…not sure which. I guess it’s been a pretty good travel day. Ok, that was a lie, it’s probably been the best travel day ever, and I never thought I’d say that flying all the way across the Atlantic. Here’s what’s made it so great.

Jane Ann got married yesterday and left for her honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this morning. The wedding was awesome and I loved every minute but it was quite an interesting experience watching my best friend get married. Super exciting and so good but accompanied by some pretty weird emotions. Anyway, the day was great. Reagan and I, and really all of the roommates, have joked with Jane Ann about coming on her honeymoon with her ever since she got engaged. About a week ago we realized that we’d be flying out of Salt Lake at about the same time so we figured we’d probably seen each other in the airport or something, which would be fun, one more final goodbye before we went our separate ways across the world. When we pulled up to the airport this morning I called Jane Ann to ask her if she was there and to get a feel for what the chances of running into her would be. Here’s how the conversation went.

“Hey Jane, you’re married! Um, what time do you fly out?”
“Um, Gabe, what time do we fly out? 12:45?”
“Sweet so do we, we’ll run into you for sure! Where are you flying to? Do you have a layover?”
“Ya, I think we have a layover in Houston
“HAHA! Jane! We’re on the same flight!”

Not only were we on the same flight but Jane and Gabe sat right across from Reagan and I. Even after all of the joking I never thought that we’d actually end up accompanying Jane on her honeymoon…but I guess some things are just meant to be. But we did say goodbye in Houston…after giving Jane and Gabe the option of switching us destinations, London would be a fun honeymoon too right? Basically, I think that gives us the right to say that we really did go on Jane and Gabe’s honeymoon with them, even if we decided that it would be for the best if we parted ways in Texas. I guess we truly are an inseparable trio…with the new addition of Gabe. I don’t think it could be better.

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