Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Weasley Brothers

We made it! Alive. Safe. Sound. And almost sane. Fourteen hours on the plane is a really long time. Here’s the story. Our plane landed in Heathrow, we walked out of the plane on those cool stairs like movie stars in sunglasses who wave at their fans (but there were no fans waiting for us) and we got on a bus (my first experience of driving on the wrong side of the road) and I think our bus driver, who I appropriately named Freddy, was a little bit crazy because we almost slammed into another bus. Instead he hit the brakes and we all slammed into each other. There were some angry people. Anyway, that’s not important, the most important thing is that I think I met the Weasley Brothers. Here’s how it went.

These two boys with bright red hair were sitting behind us on the plane and they were pretty funny the whole time but when we stopped and they stood up and started talking to each other it was even better. Here’s the conversation. Try it in an English/Irish accent, it’s much better.

Fred: “Did you call mum and dad?”
George: “No, I don’t have any battery. Leave me alone, I’ll call them in a minute from another phone.”
Fred: “Well then, are you going to be a grump all morning?”
George: “No, just until I can get away from you.”
Fred: “I don’t want to see you again until Thursday”
George: “I don’t want to see you until Thursday either but we have to practice on Tuesday."

It just continued from there. It was so funny. What a way to be welcomed to the UK. After we got on the plane we went through customs, where I made several new best friends, but Reagan was nearly rejected because she sounded like she didn’t know what she was doing or where she was going. Which she didn’t, and neither did I. We passed though. Got the stamp. From there we tracked down our luggage and caught the Tube into the city. It was a long ride and I suddenly got really tired. It was beautiful though! So green! It was rainy and cloudy and really, really beautiful. From there we found our way to Reagan’s aunt’s flat and went straight to sleep. Six hours, it was wonderful. I still haven’t seen much of the city. That’s tomorrow’s big adventure and I’m excited. We did eat some pretty good food though and definitely tried some Happy Hippos. I’m a fan of Kinder. That’s all for today. I’ve gotta go play a mean game of golf, with princess cards, and maybe eat some more flatbread.

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Meg said...

Yaaaaaay! I'm glad you guys made it safe!!! Can't wait to keep up with your adventure by reading your blog. Have fun! xo