Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A London Smorgasbord

LONDON is AMAZING!!! Yesterday Reags and I, and her two cool cousins, Alex and Connor, went on a crazy adventure around the city. We hopped on the tube and headed straight for Westminster and Parliament. It was so cool to come out of the Tube and be right there on the Thames river, Big Ben staring me right in the face (and yes, it did take me a minute to even realize that’s what I was looking at). We walked all along Parliament and also went over to see Westminster Cathedral which is incredible. I couldn’t get over it. So so beautiful. We didn’t go inside, I decided to save that for another day, but the fa├žade is amazing. It was like a dream come true walking through all of these places. I also discovered the coolest gazebo I’ve ever seen right behind Parliament. Ok, so it’s probably not really a gazebo and I actually have no idea that it is or what it’s used for, but it was cool. There were tons of old men playing futbol (soccer) there too and it was so funny to listen to them. I just love listening to people talk, especially old men with gray hair and glasses and little kids. They’re definitely the most entertaining because you feel like you’re in a movie. Reagan and I have been trying to get the accent down but I don’t think we’re very good…people look at us funny when we say stuff. But back to what we did. From Parliament and Westminster we walked through St. James’ Park and then saw Buckingham Palace. I’ve decided that I’m going to run for Queen of England. It’s always been my goal to beat Mikala out for the position of First Lady, but yesterday, as I was looking at the huge palace and big circle and fountain in front of it, that’s all for the Queen, I decided that it totally trumped the White House and that I’d make a much better Queen anyway. She’s getting pretty old, somebody is going to have to take over. I know it’s not traditional that people run for Queen, don’t try and explain that to me, because I really think there can be exceptions made if I’m persuasive enough and...I think that’s now my only real goal for the next two months. I’d appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Besides that life changing decision, we also did a little shopping in Kensington yesterday and walked down Embassy Row (I don’t really know what it’s called but it had lots of really cool Embassies on it so that’s what it gets to be). H&M is like a dream come true here too. Today I found at least twelve things that I can’t afford. We also went to the Victoria and Albert Museum today which was super exciting and full of really cool stuff. Reagan’s aunt came with us as well, which was really great, because she’s a classicist and knew everything about anything. I loved being there. I can’t wait to explore the rest of the museums. Oh and the London Centre is great too, and all of the people here. I’m super excited to get to know all of them better. It was quite exciting and really funny watching all of them arrive today with the totally glazed over look and then try their hardest to stay awake until 9 pm. They were tired…and it was entertaining…especially during the meeting.

On a final note…tomorrow is probably going to be the best day of my life. The schedule is…wake-up, walk, Wicked and waffle. I think I’ve been dying to see Wicked my whole life and I really can’t wait. That’s probably all, I’ve definitely seen a smorgasbord of London so far and can’t wait to see even more and to go back and see everything in a little more depth.

(So just to secure your vote for me as future Queen of England I've included a picture to show you just how good I can look in front of Buckingham Palace. And this is the only one I had on my camera...Reagan had the rest :)


Reags said...

Okay so i think i have rounded up ten votes for you. You odds are looking better and better each day! Go willie pants!

Anonymous said...

I loved your spot today and it was so good to talk to you. You are an amazing person.
Dad says you need to start buying and wearing hats if your serious about running for queen. I think you would look great in them. We'll all vote for you so add six to Reagan's 10. I love you, talk to you tomorrow.

Aubs said...

Whit-You'd surely have the whole Kauffman family vote so thats another 12 adults..& if children are allowed then add another 5! But I'll only vote if you can come back to the USA to live & rule the county from here. :)
My mom sent me your blog. I'll be excited to keep up on it. Kenz will too. She loves seeing pictures of people she knows on blogs.
Have lots of fun & be safe!