Monday, 12 May 2008


Last week, on Thursday I think it was, a group of us made an excursion to Greenwich to stand in two hemispheres at once. Greenwich was a headquarters for astrology and navigation in earlier times and the Prime Meridian cuts right through it. It's also said to house the clock that has the most perfect time of anywhere in the world. This is Jane and I, standing in two hemispheres at once.

Not only is the old observatory and famous Prime Meridian here, but the Old Royal Naval College was also quite a sight. King Henry VIII actually lived here at one time and had a palace built just outside the Naval College, overlooking the Thames. It's a pretty cool place, all of the walls and ceilings in the hall of the College were beautifully painted with murals (which took something like 19 years to complete) and even the pillars and fireplaces were faux-ed on the walls, which I found really cool.

Our day ended with some pretty good fish 'n chips. Actually, they were by far the best I've ever tasted. We found this little pub just outside the Tube stop in Greenwich. They also had a wide array of condiments, which we made sure to sample...some were well...interesting.

Oh...and Greenwich Spinach...that's a Dr. Seuss pun, that my mom referenced as soon as I told her I'd gone there :)

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