Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A need tae practice mae Scots

I LOVED Scotland! I think I loved it for three main reasons. 1) They really do wear kilts 2) they really do play bagpipes all the time and 3) they really do talk like that. None of it is just romanticized in movies...it's all real. Despite what you may have thought...I didn't really learn how to speak Scots, but I tried. I think it's my new favorite accent to impersonate. Other favorite words/phrases I heard: they call their friends "mukkers," "a mist ye sae muckle" would be "I missed you so much" and "Guid cheerio" means goodbye.

Edinburgh was a way cool place to be. It's a very old city. There were so many medieval buildings and so much history in one little place. It was also just the right size to walk around and see everything without being dead tired. And, besides all that, it's totally where my family was from so I was definitely connecting with the ancestors right? Right. Actually, the very first day we got there we immediately set out to hike Arthur's Seat, which overlooks the whole city and surrounding area and was also where the first missionaries in Scotland dedicated the land for missionary work. It was really cool to be there--the very place that the gospel had its beginnings in my family. There was a really neat spirit about it.

We did so many things in the two days that we were there that it would be impossible to write about all of them so I think I'll just post pictures and maybe explain them. I love Scotland though and I'm excited to go back there in just less than a month!
The Castle. It's sweet. I don't want to run for Queen of Scotland though. Not quite as warm and inviting as Buckingham.
Just a random street. The city looks really dirty...and that's because it is. Everything is covered in soot. I guess the Scots are too lazy to clean it off. Oh well, it looks older and more important that way.
Felicia, Lindsay and I about half the way up Arthur's Seat. Little did we know that we were only half way...or we might not have been smiling so big.
A pretty neat little wall and road that we passed on our hike. The mountain was covered in those yellow flowers. So pretty.
I'm sitting on top of Arthur's Seat. Carolyn is...uh standing by me I guess. Carolyn is probably one of my new favorite people.
Me...and the view from Arthur's Seat.
This looks like a postcard. So I had to stick it on here. On the way down Arthur's Seat (yes, it was a long hike...)
View of Arthur's seat from the bottom.
Look! I'm a true Scot. Tartan cloak and all. There were some sweet charity shops in Edinburgh.
There were also some sweet alleyways in Edinburgh.
Lots of men. In kilts.
Me. And a man in a kilt. I think I'm a little more excited about his kilt than he is.
I found this at some museum I went into. I thought the answer, which is B, fits me quite well...so I finally and officially accept the name of Whiskey. They drink a lot of Whiskey in Scotland...
We're warriors. Watch out.
Me and Abby and a statue with the Castle in the background. I don't really know who the guys on the statue is. Oops.

I LOVE SCOTLAND! And I'm now quite proud to claim my Scottish heritage :)

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