Monday, 12 May 2008

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens! We went there this last Friday and it has been one of my very favorite places I've been so far. It was absolutely incredible. Being here has made me realize how dry and brown Utah really is. These gardens cover over 300 acres and are just full of beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. The azaleas and rhododendron gardens were probably my top faves...but the palm house was pretty cool too. We spent three hours just walking through and I could have spent all day. Mom, I'm taking you there no get're going to love it!This palace belonged to King George III (the American Revolution King) and is right in the middle of Kew Gardens. All of these beautiful parks used to belong to the royal family and most of them have an old palace there. I found this sign to be very true...and pretty amusing as well.
I had to add this one for the boys. Zach and Lance...any idea what this cool bird is? I captured him on my own camera...even without a motion detector :)

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