Sunday, 11 May 2008


I got called to be the nursery leader in my ward. I go to a family ward that is about an hour south of where we live. It's kind of crazy to get there and back on Sundays, but definitely worth it. I love it. Today we talked about hands and why we should be thankful for our hands. I have all little girls and they are so adorable. There is also another lady in there with me, named Sister Lolia, and she is great. It's been such a great thing and I'm so excited to keep seeing these kids every week for a while. I got at least four goodbye kisses today and I can't wait to go again.

This is Sharon. I don't know if she's really old enough to be in nursery, but I don't mind that she comes because she is so adorable.

This is Katrina. I think she speaks more than one language because she randomly spurts things off in what I think is Russian all of the time. Sister Lolia is holding her.

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