Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mummies and Mummies and Mummies

I wasn't going to add anything until I came home from Scotland...but today was my first experience in the British Museum and I think I'm moving in there (as soon as I get back from Scotland of course) and so I thought I should let everyone know. Actually, this entry is totally for Zach because I know how much he would absolutely LOVE the Egypt sections of the museum. Here are just a couple of things that I saw.

So many mummies. They were everywhere! You can tell from my face that they were a little bit, just a little bit scary. It was weird to be surrounded by them. They also had other cool Egyptian artifacts there...like tons of different sculptures/statues of pharaohs, like this one, of Ramses.

And finally, probably my favorite part of the museum (that I've seen so far) was the Parthenon frieze ruins, the Elgin Marbles, that are there. Why they are in London no one really knows, and there are many people who aren't too happy about it. But at least for today, I'm glad they're here. I guess that's just one of the benefits of being an empire, you can bring all kinds of cool stuff back to your capital. Maybe I'll consider returning them if I'm elected queen.

Oh and just one more thing, the Rosetta Stone was really really cool too. Zach do you know about the Rosetta Stone? If you don't you should wikipedia it or something because I think you would think it's pretty awesome.

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kylie said...

maybe i'll borrow a mummy from the museum and drop it on your head while you are sleeeping..... hmmmm.