Monday, 2 June 2008

Cadbury World

Initially, when we planned our trip to Stratford-on-Avon we thought we would be making a little side trip to Cadbury World, which was supposedly only like an hour away. Well, after a lot of deliberation we decided that we would have to choose between Warwick Castle and Cadbury World...and Warwick Castle came out victor. We were a little disheartened until we had the brilliant idea of having our very own Cadbury World in the comfort of our little Bed and Breakfast. This is truly kind of gross that we did this...but man was it good. I think I've tried almost every kind of Cadbury candy bar now and they are incredibly good. If you love Cadbury mini eggs at Easter have no idea how much you are missing by not being able to try the entire line of Cadbury product goodness.

Yes, we really did cut them into sample sized pieces and serve them on trays :).

At the end of the night...

Live footage of our very own Cadbury World:

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Lace said...

Its so true! Chocolate outside of the U.S. is so much better! Especially in Europe. There isn't as much wax needed to preserve the chocolate and so its just pure and sweet.