Monday, 9 June 2008

London's Funniest

I've started a collection of all my favorite signs I've seen in London. Here they are...I think they're pretty funny.

Don't touch the water? Really? Why ever not?
Are the cyclists and pedestrians supposed to beware? Or are we supposed to beware of the cyclists and pedestrians? favorite.
We tried to pass for unemployed...they said we didn't count.
These signs are everywhere. I really don't know what they mean or what the danger is...but I try to be especially wary as I walk by.
I've never heard of anti climb paint. Mom, maybe you should invest in some, it might keep the boys off stuff.
I bought five of these. Guess what my presents for my family are going to be...
Should have eaten here.

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Lace said...

lol those signs are all hillarious.