Monday, 2 June 2008

Day to Day London Living

I had all of these random pictures of some of my favorite things that I really wanted to here they are. An average day for me in London would include: waking up around 6:30 and running through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, class until noon, a museum, park, or other excursion to a historical site, dinner, a night walk and bedtime...way later than it should be.

Big Ben. I love him.

Shopping at Harrods. Everything there costs about 300 pounds of in my bag I have a chocolate muffin, one of the few things under 100 pounds. Don't I look like a regular though?

South of the Thames with our Bueno bars. Mmmm. Chocolate here is way Way WAY better than at home.

The Tower Bridge. I think it's my fav.

I took this picture when we made our trek to Wembley Stadium when the US was playing England. The only bummer is...we didn't actually go in...because tickets were too expensive. So we went to a really funny little restaurant that was completely empty, and watched the game. It was an adventure though!

Hampstead Heath. I should have gone there earlier. It's been one of my favorite places. It's totally natural and so beautiful. A huge HUGE park of just fields and fields and lots of ponds and forests and all kinds of stuff. It was way fun to walk through.

The Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath. This house and the grounds are beautiful. I would live here if I was a really rich guy in London. Actually, it totally reminded me of somewhere my dad would live if he could pick anywhere in the world. It's surrounded with hundreds of acres of beautiful land it was just perfect.

Borough market is truly one of my favorite things about London. It's a huge food market that they have everyday. The best way I can describe it is...Costco sample day + the Farmer's Market x about 1000. It's so fun. We just make laps around it and get samples so we don't have to buy lunch :).

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