Sunday, 1 June 2008

Punting on the Cam, and other Cambridge Things

We went to Cambridge on Wednesday...and it was just great...just like all of our trips are just great. It was a pretty fun little town, and it was really green and beautiful. We walked all over the town, became best friends with a little old woman who worked in the church (at first she was mad at us for coming in to use the restroom, by the time we left she was calling us "darlings"), went to a market, saw some of the different colleges (but most were closed off because it was exams week), and best of all, went punting on the Cam. Punting was super super fun. Actually it was really hard, but it was great. It was ten pounds to hire one of those guys to steer your boat down the river for you, two pounds if you wanted to do it yourself. Of course we opted to do it ourselves. I think it made it way more fun, but, it was pretty intense. I think I would become a professional skipper of Cambridge punting if I went to school there.

We got stuck in lots of trees and little side eddies...this was just one of them.

Punting in front of the Bridge of Sighs.

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