Monday, 9 June 2008

Splish Splash...

Bath was our first stop on our excursion this past week. It's a pretty great place. They have lots of ice cream, lots of hills, some really cool architecture, and of course, the Roman baths. It was a great little place to be.

A view of the Baths from the top. Aren't they a lovely color?

My thinking face. I was learning lots about Romans and bathing from that little audio guide.

I didn't really go swimming, but I thought about it more than once.

Tasting the water. Not so good, really.

The sunset was really cool from the top of the hill our hostel was on. This picture just doesn't quite capture it.

The Royal Crescent. Dad, I checked out Real Estate prices. You can buy one for 500,000 pounds. That's only a million dollars, wanna move to Bath?

Stopping to play at this playground made my whole day. They had swings! The clouds were really cool too.

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