Monday, 9 June 2008

Stourhead Garden

Stourhead might be my new favorite place. It was one of the most pristine and just beautiful places I've ever been. They filmed some Pride and Prejudice scenes here, in particular Darcy's proposal in the rain. It was such a fun place to just walk around and explore, and it was an absolutely beautiful day to do it.

Perfectly formed lichen thought bubble. My thinking face.

Jane and I by the lake.

There it is, the Temple of Apollo proposal in the rain temple itself.

My long lost twin.

Look at those clouds!

My pillar pose in the Temple of Apollo. Couldn't pass it up.


Lace said...

Aww I want to be there! Thats one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole movie!

Reags said...

So whit what were you thinkin about with that bubble tree? Also whitlie another question, how you be so fly? any why you gotta make things so complicated? i see the way you acted like things get you frustrated? Keep it fly hot pants. see you in 9.

A&L Bangerter said...

Whit- It seems like you are living the dream in London! It looks so beautiful!

Jane said...